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  • Where do you keep your bees?
    We have one apiary in Brimpton and one in Ashmore Green.
  • I would like bees on my land - who should I contact?
    If you are a land owner in West Berkshire, have space for bees and would like someone to manage them - please contact us!
  • Do you do talk about bees?
    Yes! We have given talks about bees are events and to small groups such as Beaver Scouts. Please contact us.
  • I want to keep bees - are you able to mentor me?
    I can give ad hoc support but generally can't commit to long term mentoring. However, feel free to ask any questions on the Facebook Group:
  • How do you get started with beekeeping?
    The best thing to do to get started is to join a local association and take part in a course for beginneers. In West Berkshire the Newbury and District Beekeeping Association is an excellent way to start.
  • I have swarm of Honeybees in the garden - what should I do?
    Whilst a swarm of bees can be seem scary in practice bees are at their most calm when they are swaming. Their only focus is on finding a new home. In you're in West Berkshire you can either contact us or contact the Newbury and District Beekeeping Association and they will pick up the fees. Most beekeepers don't charge for this. Take a look at our Swarms page for more details.
  • I have Bumblebee nest in the garden - what should I do?
    Unlike Honeybees it is hard to move Bumblebees without killing the colony. The colonies are smaller and make only temporary homes. If possible it is best to leave them along - by the middle of summer they will have left. If you have to move them contact an ethical pest controller.
  • Where can I buy your honey?
    You can buy our honey either direct for us or from Blue Beetle Ceramics in Thatcham.
  • Why is some honey runny and some set?
    It all depends on the types of flowers the bees visit. Some flowers produce nectar that crystalises slowly and other produce nectar that crystalises fast.
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