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Help us spot Asian Hornets!

Asian Hornets are likely to be the biggest challenge for beekeepers since the Varroa Mite came to the UK. Last year multiple sighting were made fortunately none yet in West Berkshire, however, the sighting are moving fast and this may be the first year that we will see one. Asian Hornets have been seen in Hampshire so they aren't far away.

Asian Hornets have caused lots problems in France because they will attack a hive on mass. This will also impact the other forms of native pollinators in the area.

Ben's Berkshire Bees will be taking action installing monitoring traps in our Apiaries, but we need as many eyes out there as possible.

How to spot an Asian Hornet:

Size: They are larger than wasp but smaller than the European Hornets that are commonly seen already.

Colour: They are predominately black with one orange segment in the abdomen and thin yellow strips.

Legs: The lower segments of the legs are yellow.

Face: Black with orange at the very front.

Asian Hornet sighting can be notified to the Non-Native Species Secretariat via the Asian Hornet Watch App.

I took the photo below in France where there are many Asian Hornets.

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