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We're offering a win-win deal! Honey pre-paid scheme 2023.

Help us to grow Ben's Berkshire Bees (and help us to support honey bees at the same time). Buying beekeeping equipment is expensive, we are growing fast and need a fair amount of new equipment. Here's the deal, you pay £50 now, we use the money to grow our business, then at the end of the season we will give return to you: 12 340g jars of honey and 1 full frame of cut comb honey. This represents a great price reduction on the honey and you get the warm feeling of helping a local business grow. Benefit to us: > Working Capital we can use to fund the equipment we need to grow for the season. > £50 funds one super for a hive, complete with box, frames and foundation. Benefit for you: > Great value honey. > Choose your prefered Apiary. > Updates and new from our Apiaries over the year. > Warm fuzzy feeling of helping a local business.

You can choose honey from: Midgham, Crookham Common, Brimpton, Ashmore Green or Frilsham.

You can take part via the "buy our produce" tab.

If we don't get any honey from your chosen apiary will offer you the choice of another apiary, waiting till next year or your money back.

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