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10 years of Ben's Berkshire Bees!

Celebrating a decade of beekeeping, Ben's Berkshire Bees has transformed from a modest hobby with just a few hives to a flourishing Beefarm with 10 thriving apiaries across West Berkshire. Our journey over the past ten years has been marked by continuous investment and learning, ensuring that our business not only grows but also thrives.

In this time Ben has become a Qualified Beekeeper and has become a registered Beefarmer.

This year, we reached a significant milestone by acquiring a dedicated vehicle and trailer for our operations. Despite facing challenges posed by unpredictable weather in recent years, we remain optimistic and eagerly anticipate the arrival of a super crop.

At Ben's Berkshire Bees, our love for beekeeping drive us forward. We hope our next 10 years will be even more successful!

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